3D Printed 1/10 Scale Zoomer/Ruckus Model

A little dream came true. Finally there is a scale model of the Ruckus/Zoomer avilable. Created by Petropixel on Etsy.


Lego Scooter

Sweet little Lego style scooter that will fit most Lego guys. Did somebody a Zoomer Lego model yet?


Zoomer Ruckus Blender 3D Model

Blendswap user p33p created a free downloadable Blender 3D model of Honda Zoomer (Ruckus)


Hard Drives Bikes

Bikes made out of Hard Disks by Miguel Rivera. Found here


Motocompo Papermodel

Honda Motocompo (JP 1981) to rebuild with paper. Download the model here
Found on Bonsai News


Meccano Zoomer toy

Totalruckus member Hook built this Zoomer out of this Meccano toy package. More pics of his real ruckus and his toy on Flickr