Zoomer X concept

Honda Thailand unveiled a new prototype the Zoomer X at the 2012 Bangkok International Motor Show showcasing the next generation of the Ruckus scooter. In my opinion this looks bloody ugly and I really hope it stays as a concept only.



Just born Thailand motor-culture blog called "Motosai"

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Happy zoomin 2009

Picture submitted by God Army (Minibike Society) Thailand

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Thai Scenic with Zoomer

Zoomerboys Member Nava from Thailand with a new Zoomer trip report

Pink Beauty

Pictures posted by Phaholpol, Thailand.
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New Guest Member "Nava"

Please welcome "Nava" as our regular guest member from Thailand.
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Zoomer Tree

Nava from Thailand posted a new trip photo-documentary with some great pictures of his Zoomer
out in the nature. I wonder if this giant blooming tree is a Sakura tree?

What the heck is in that plastic bag? Looks like a fruit.

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Love Colors

Phaholpol from Thailand sent us these 2 colorful Zoomers. Thanks!

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Zoomer in the wild

More pictures we've got from the Thai Zoomer "Nava Boontima" in the wild!

Looks like they have a lot of fun in Thailand's beautiful nature.
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A Thai Zoomer

Pictures we've got from the Zoomer Rider "Nava Boontima" from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thank you!

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