I just met Andrea Bern`s only Zoomergirl (for now) and had a little chat with her about Zoomers and about the terrible accident she had with her previous Zoomer (a yellow one, R.I.P.)...



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What the heck???

Is this the new Zoomer 125? All the pictures says its a Honda... just a sticker on a
korean or chinese copy? Found on Flicker, Photos by 兔

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Aqua Scooting

Next up; Space Scooting ;)

Mosquito Zoomer Custom Part 2

Here we go! More infos on the competition thanks to David Mr.Highsnob...


Zoomer Trailer

The Swiss Postman with a Zoomer and a Trailer seems to be close.
The Trailers name is called "ZOBU" and is made specially for the Zoomer/Ruckus.
It carries 55kg, and weights itself 27kg. Available in Black, Red and Yellow for around 1390.- CHF.
Thanks Marco for the infos.

Mosquito Zoomer Custom?

Win a customized Zoomer by Ontour^Lab and Freshcotton.
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Double Seat Zoomer

2 seats! Yes it's possible without destroying the Zoomer-Look.
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Honda PS250

Honda! Bring this to Europe! Beige is back.
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Honda NP6-D (S)

Is this really the next Zoomer? It looks quite unbalanced.

Future Swiss Postman's Bike

die schweizer post will die pösteler mit neuen bikes ausrüsten.
der gelbe honda zoomer steht am ersten platz der kandidaten!
wenn das durchkommt, haben wir bald auch anhänger dran!
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