Rucksters @ Super Sunday 2012

From Imagez By Brian's YouTube Channel


Zoomer X concept

Honda Thailand unveiled a new prototype the Zoomer X at the 2012 Bangkok International Motor Show showcasing the next generation of the Ruckus scooter. In my opinion this looks bloody ugly and I really hope it stays as a concept only.


Biker's work is never done!

Honda Dax fahren, Spass haben, Schrauben, Fahren, Spass haben, Schrauben... Biker's work is never done. Mehr will dieser Film nicht zeigen, er zeigt aber auch nicht weniger.

Ein Film von Thomas Beeskow und Frank Bick.


Taiwanese Suzuki Choi Nori Commercials

Site visitor "Baowah" commented our Suzuki ChoiNori Post with some infos about the availability of used ChoiNori's in Hungary. Check his full post on

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Motra on the beach


Hondels - Little Honda (1965)

Original song "Little Cycle" by the Beach Boys & Andy Williams
Video submitted by Jens Polte

Di Blasi folding bike

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Eating up those hills

Elads, Dalski and Animal Chan go puro cruising on a sunday afternoon around the Rose Bowl and surrounding areas. started off around the lower aroyo, then headed into the rose bowl parking lot. next we headed up to pasadena art center. took a lap around campus and got lost in the hills for a second. then backtracked back towards the HQ in monterey park. hollar black! ruckus life! can't stop, won't stop!
stop reading this and go to for the real scoop.
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Zoomer Roadmovie

Hier der erste Wurf eines Honda Zoomer Videos mit meiner neuen Kamera, die ich an verschiedenen Stellen am Zoomer Rahmen befestigt habe. Demnächst mehr, Jörn Du kannst Dir schon mal Text überlegen :-)
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Honda Commercial

The Impossible Dream
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