No Zoomer for Switzerland

Honda Switzerland decided to discontinue selling the Honda Zoomer in Switzerland. Poor is this... And as a general info: Zoomerboys don't answer questions like "Where can I buy a Honda Zoomer/Ruckus in my country?"

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The 10th Anniverary Honda Zoomer 2012 Model

White Body - Red Seat.


Bern Beauty

Sometimes I just need to take a picture of my Zoomer...


Winter fades away

After a looong freezy winter a glimpse of spring made me "zooming" around the neighbourhood for the first time in 2009.


Welcome Ben from New Zealand

New Zoomerboys guest member Ben in action!

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Honda Festival


Das Honda Festival in St. Stephan (Berner Oberland) findet am Wochenende vom 20./21. September statt.
Unter anderen Attraktionen wie Trial Show, Stunt Show, Zeitfahren, Testfahren und einem Zoomer Parcours!, spielen folgende Bands: The Young GodsNew Model Army u.a. 

Die Festival Geländekarte als PDF

Und hier die Karte für nach St. Stephan

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New Guest Member

Welcome Ed, our new guest-member from Amsterdam!
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Motra & Zoomer Gallery

New Gallery with pictures from MOTRA together with Zoomer added.
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Home of the Brave?


You can even use your Zoomer for hunting!
I found this on an American forum, can`t remember where, sorry...



Riding Progi

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