The RadMini is the first and only electric folding fat bike with heavy duty front and rear cargo racks and a powerful 750 watt 48 volt power system. Doesn't it remind us on the good old Honda Motra?
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blueLABEL Pony E-Bike

Nice Pony style e-bike with Bosch performance by Riese & Müller blueLABEL


Japan Bike spotting 2013

Nothing outstanding new, some classics

Stock Zoomer in Beige

Honda PS250 in Beige

Simple and classic Honda XL230

Exciting new Panasonic Mini E-Bike Panasonic e-bike BE-ENZ032

Stock Zoomer with red saddle

Yamaha VOX in Yellow

Suzuki Street Magic

Rented this bike at a Rent a Bike shop in Okinawa. What a great ride!

Honda PS250 in black

Honda Squash


E-Schwalbe coming this Summer

The Simson "Schwalbe", the pendant of the Italian Vespa of the former German Democratic Republic will have a comeback – not with it's 2-stroke engine but an electric motor. The electro moped, called "e-Schwalbe" will be launched on the market in summer 2011. (Found on the Streetcrawler's Blog).



The german handcrafted electric bike "ErockIT" sports not only a cool hybrid retro-future design,
it's top speed counts 80 km/h. Built order on demand.

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