Cool Helmets

I think these helmets are all fitting very well to a Zoomer/Ruckus rider. From top left to down right: Bell Jet R-T, Caberg Jet Century, Diesel Mowie, Lazer Superskin, Momo Fighter, Roof RO4 Fever Street. These helmets are available for example on


Julie Mai and Natalie Bee on Zoomer

Photos by Nick Schultz, found on it’s JDM yo!


Honda Motocompo 2012 Comeback?

Hopefully Honda will release this prototype of Motocompo 2012. Compare with the original Honda Motocompo (JP 1981). More Pics here.

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The 10th Anniverary Honda Zoomer 2012 Model

White Body - Red Seat.


Jake Reining's Zoomer

The Grey Red Beast of Jake Reining from Oklahoma, USA. Tuned together with AK GarageWorks. Photos by Costas Stergiou, Published on