The Men behind the Zoomer

Left: Zoomer Engineer "Takafumi Nakanishi", Right: Zoomer Designer "Yasushi Tateishi"

Monocle Magazine
published an interesting article about the Scooter Revival in Japan. Mainly because of the Honda Zoomer. Highly recommended read through in Monocle issue 21, volume 03, March 2009

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Power assited bicycles

Fire Trick Bob by Shukuno Rintendo Bicycles

Water Trick Bob by Shukuno Rintendo Bicycles


Red Affair

Parking next to another red Zoomer. What a rare moment in Bern...


Headlight Trio

My favorite Zoomer got a new headlight set. So cool!

This one isn't bad as well.

Zoomania's new custom parts

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Bau Bike

The beautiful Bau Bike designed by Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen

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