Tokyo Parts 2009

Another visit at the Mekka of Zoomer tuning "Tokyo Parts" (TP) with some new custom builds in and outside the packed store.

Look at this muffler goes above the rear fat tire! And what a fat rear shock...

Sekizawasan obviously takes his inspiration from movies like Batman (Matte black customized Yamaha Vox).

Me and the very friendly master who just recently broke his IPhone-screen while fighting with his wife at Tokyo Disney Land. Think he can fix it himself...

A quick glance into the back office of TP.

Some customizing is better done outside on the sidewalk in front of TP.

Beige is just nice!


A classic Kawasaki


Bike of a cool dude

Somewhere in the backstreets of Nakano

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Black Shark

Now that I am another time in Japan I'll post more frequently eye catching rollers on the streets of Tokyo...


Long Seated

Another way to make space for a two persons ride. Found in Tokyo Parts photo gallery


Taiwanese Suzuki Choi Nori Commercials

Site visitor "Baowah" commented our Suzuki ChoiNori Post with some infos about the availability of used ChoiNori's in Hungary. Check his full post on

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Winter fades away

After a looong freezy winter a glimpse of spring made me "zooming" around the neighbourhood for the first time in 2009.