Mini Honda Minibikes

Aoshima Honda Minibike Models. Still have some glue on my fingers. Hope they will do a Motra and Zoomer model soon. From left  to right: Gorilla, Monkey, Motocompo

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Natural Gas

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My heart goes bling bling

More crazy Zoomer tunings in the gallery
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Honda Squash (1981)

Well it's not the coolest minibike from Honda, but it's part of their 80ies collection...
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Bikes from the junkyard


Motra Font

Bern based graphic-design stufio Buro Destruct released a Typeface called BD Motra
based on the Honda Motra Logo. Available at

Sweet SevenTeen

Note the passenger seat!
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Super cheap Zoomer copies

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Zoomer with a frame


Motra Pilots wear

New Products for MOTRA pilots added to the Zoomerboys Shop