Kiri2Racing KS Practice Video


Tokyo Parts Video

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Suzuki ChoiNori

"ChoiNori" means translated something like: "A little ride". Sweet
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Japan Daily

Zoomer is watching you

This one got a fine, parking in front of Tower Records Shibuya

Lost some leaflets. Domino's Pizza Delivery in Kyoto

Honda Bite

Looks like this new Honda "Bite" 50ccm has the same Specs and Parts like our Zoomer.
It is just smaller and uses less space. Isn't our Zoomer much cooler?...


Daytona Zoomer on Ebay

Click to visit the offer on Ebay
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New Wallpaper added

Download here
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Sundays Meet

On Sundays (only with good weather conditions) the real japanese hardcore Zoomerboys meet eachother at Tokyo Parts and exchanging their knowledge and showing off their new modifications. In the middle you see Mr. Kiri2Racing. Left and right the owners of the 2 orange lowriders.

This guy (unfortunately we didn't talk about our names ;) explained me in japanese his preferences for huge rear tires.

On the left you see a 8.5J rear tire and right the next step with a 10J tire. His next goal is to mount
a 12J one! As written above those bikes are nothing for rainy weather. Also quick turns in the narrow streets of Tokyo are impossible. On the question about how the Japan police/law is handling those heavy customized bikes, he answered something like: it is illegal but legal, something gray maybee. In an upcoming video you will hear the sound of the bike on the right.

See more photos the Zoomerboys Tokyo Parts Gallery
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In the paradise of parts

Tokyo Parts in Tokyo is easy to find. I took the Yamanote Line to Ueno Station. Then checked a map and looked out for an area with many "...Taito...." names. Higashiueno (Taito-Ku). I walked there by foot (about 10 minutes) just following the highway above me. Suddenly i saw a lot of motorbike shops and sooner than expected i was standing in front of Tokyo Parts, which sells all our needs.

The shop is quite small but packed with parts everywhere you look.

Yoshifumi Sekizawa is the man to talk with.
どもうありがとう for the nice hospitality and the good conversations (english-japanese mixed ;)

Next to the parts the shop space serves as the garage to attach the new belongings.

That white monster is a "customize on order" for a korean client. Once finished It will leave Tokyo Parts
for about ¥ 3'000'000 (about US$ 25'000).

Yoshi-SAN is taking a picture of a clients bike (just reassembled), to add it on the Tokyo Parts Photo Gallery.

More photos of my Tokyo Parts visit in the ZoomerBoys Gallery

Tokyo Parts Visit

Two Boys in Paradise @ Tokyo Parts (Tokyo, Ueno).
My Boy Nara (8 months old) and me in front of "THE" Zoomer Shop.

Pics and a video will follow.
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