Fat Ass Custom

Zoomer to carry a family
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Auch in Berlin sehen die Zoomer im Moment weiss aus. Photo von Jens Polte.

Let me see you stripped

Sven from Motoblog blogs a step by step photo guide (german),
how to remove the Zoomers plastic parts.
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Amercian Way Of Life

Photo from Total Ruckus Members
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Red Trio

By returning to my Zoomer, two red "Boats" parked next to my.
Well yes, the Zoomer is quite small...

Kreidler Florett TM

1967-1970. Want to know more about these great Grandpa bikes?
Here's a link to the Kreidler Museum

a Machine

I took this photo some years ago in Tokyo. Can't tell the name of this machine...
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Sunny Day in Brussels

I was bored at work so slipped out and filmed this. I hope it captures the essence of riding along a nice road on a sunny day.

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Zoomers Past 5

Honda Gorilla

Zoomer to attract girls

Illustrated Zoomer story on korean site