Korean Glamour

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Found a funny pic about how to take a Honda Motocompo with you.

I have to post that again and again.
You can carry a whole family with the Honda Motra

Zoomerboys in WORD magazine Zurich

WORD Magazine N°42 Dec.2006/Jan.2007 «Revolution» issue with Honda Zoomer / Zoomerboys Bern feature.
28'000 copies around Switzerland german speaking part. May this cheer Honda Suisse to promote
the Zoomer more active?
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Finally with the double seat

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Kijima Parts arrived

Front and back carriers. Thanks to my wife Umi* who sent a couple of japanese emails and faxes.

Well this back-carrier carries more than my old original Honda one but i'm not sure if it looks better....

...but this one is fantastic. it extends the cockpit ready to pack a bag of a mac donalds happy meal ;)

If cars then these

Mr G. broke the taboo to post a 4 wheeler here!
In return these two little friends. Of course they are from Japan ;)
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Dekotora inspiration

Japanese truck

Looking for inspiration for your next Zoomer mod then look no further.... These "dekotora" trucks look completely bonkers!
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Another Zoomer spotted

Looks like the Zoomer gets popular in the Lorraine Gewerbeschule. Umi found the red Zoomer
on the very same spot as the yellow one before. Besitzer bitte melden ;)
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Zoomer Madness

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