New Member? with L spotted

Nähe Gewerbeschule Lorraine entdeckt von Umi. Besitzer bitte melden ;)

Mini Zoomerboy

Shane our youngest Zoomerboy member aspirant.
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Pick one ;)

New Nippon Glove

Gloves with designed grip from Cactus Design (JP)!
Found them at the Biennale Of Design in St.Etienne.
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Happy 100th Birthday Mr Honda

Soichiro Honda

Today would have been Soichiro Honda's, 100th Birthday had he not died in 1991.
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MHI Parts arrived...

Suddenly via UPS...
Thanks for this Hardy!! I will put up more pics when all is done...
What a good day that is!

For more info on Maharishi, check:
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Zoomer Characters

Could be our Avatars.
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Kijima custom bike parts

I got lost in this site for hours. Be sure to check out all the other bikes on the left hand menu - very cool. Although, I have to say I'm not convinced it is necessary for a Zoomer to have a spoiler.
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Toys for Zoomers

Wish i would be a happy owner of these 2 toys ;)
Where is the TAMYIA Zoomer model?
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DJ Muro Video...

Here is the link to the video!
If you don`t like japanese rap then skip to 5:36 to see the Muro Zoomer in action...
Thanks again Kenji!
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