68 Benelli City Bike 50 cc 2-Stroke

Benelli City Bike
I snapped this 1968 Benelli City Bike in Rome, turns out that they made a whole bunch of
cool looking mini bikes.
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lopetz @ 24.10.2006 21:38 CEST
what a great debut Mr G! never saw these benelli mini bikes before!
Mr G @ 24.10.2006 22:24 CEST
Ha ha thanks, I'm just happy that I didn't break anything :)
Randy Renner @ 06.11.2006 23:24 CEST
I have a 1968 Benelli City Bike that I am looking for any information on existing parts manuals and where I could get ahold of one. If anyone could offer assistance please help and post back.
Sergio Martins @ 18.12.2006 13:29 CEST
Por favor , moro no Brasil e possuo um modelo Benelli City Bike , e gostaria de saber como posso comprar algumas peças , obrigado .
Mark Oliver @ 06.11.2008 11:17 CEST
I have this extact bike and i am looking for a couple of parts. Does anyone know where i can get them? I live in South Africa!!
Quintin Henning @ 10.11.2008 10:05 CEST
Hi Mark,

I have the complete bike, just been restored to original. I would love to help you. Please send me a mail.
Alex @ 10.01.2009 19:18 CEST
mayby you (mark)
should look on

mario lehmann @ 01.03.2009 02:47 CEST
hallo ich hätte gerne interesse an dem bike
len @ 27.04.2009 13:33 CEST
hi can some one tell me if the city bike has a battrey if not how to get pawer to it im doing one up for a frend i got a black and a red wire coming out frome the left side near the ponits, thats it but can not get the plug to spark
K-H Meese @ 17.01.2010 11:48 CEST
Hallo suche eine Benelli City Bike Mfg: K-H
Edward Holtz @ 18.03.2010 04:08 CEST
I have that same bike but the color is yellow. I would like to know what kind of interest there is in these bikes. I would also like know the ballpark value of my/this bike. I might be interested in selling this adorable bike.
Quintin @ 18.03.2010 06:54 CEST
Where are you from Edward?
pedro motas @ 18.07.2010 00:47 CEST
tenho uma benelli citybike e precisode umas peças se me puderem ajudar agradecia
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