Mosquito Zoomer Custom Part 2

Here we go! More infos on the competition thanks to David Mr.Highsnob...


The White Hotel

The White Hotel
If you stay in the swanky White Hotel in Brussels you can rent a White Zoomer for €18 per day.
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Für unser Video Intro.
20:00 Kornhausplatz (Veloparkplätze)

Welches Datum geht euch allen?:
Mittwoch 01.11.06
Donnerstag 02.11.06
Dienstag 07.11.06

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New Member

Welcom Marc! The 5th Zoomerboys Bern Member :)

3D CG zoomer commercial

WOW: The completly 3D CG rendered commercial "No Same Way" for Zoomer, Honda Japan
by the french design studio Le Pivot.

Transport Logistics

Well this is the proof, we certainly may carry a second person on our Zoomer... Watch more

Zoomer Commercial

Is the Zoomer made for festival-visitors, or is the festival made for Zoomer riders?
Anyway watch the nice shot.
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68 Benelli City Bike 50 cc 2-Stroke

Benelli City Bike
I snapped this 1968 Benelli City Bike in Rome, turns out that they made a whole bunch of
cool looking mini bikes.
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New Guest Member Mr G.

Welcome on board Mr G. from Socialpest in Brussel, Belgium. He will report from his hometown.
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