Zoomer Trike

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Frontframe Blackpaint

Did a quick photoshop mod. Could be my next paintjob.

Zoomer Strip

Went for an electrical-fix at Honda Fegbli. That's how the zoomer looks under the battery-cover.

The battery unveils a beautiful YUASA logo (top left).
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Camo Tires

Choose from Desert or Urban camo. Goes for 120.- US$.
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Shared a cake from the indian Mama at the restaurant "Rudolf von Erlach", Neubrücke.
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In Italy it is legal to drive the Zommer with a second passenger!
OneFun has next to some other Zoomer-parts that backrest pictured above,
which can be pushed down into a passenger seat. (Like the big ruckus seat).
Goes for 160.50 Euro.
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Zoomer Ice Skating

Ice Skating with the Zoomer. (Watch the movie)

Der Renner


Zoomer Trailer

The Swiss Postman with a Zoomer and a Trailer seems to be close.
The Trailers name is called "ZOBU" and is made specially for the Zoomer/Ruckus.
It carries 55kg, and weights itself 27kg. Available in Black, Red and Yellow for around 1390.- CHF.
Thanks Marco for the infos.

Sideview Hecklamp

Schlank und Rank