Seeing a Zoomer for the very first time.
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Outdoor Workshop

In front of the Tokyo Parts Shop. Pimp my Zoomer on the go.

The Racing Pads work great...

...get a grip!
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Mr. Me-Too got his sidestand...

Thanks Lopetz! Thanks Fegbli, Bern!
Looks great, but beware: It`s for posing purposes only...

Official Honda Zoomer Parts mounted 2...

Öl-Temperatur Anzeige, Filterschutz (black), Kühlwasser-Abdeckung (black), Racing Pads (black) das Gitter...
Thanks to Honda Suisse!!

sooo... das Plastik ist verdeckt!

... a closer look at the racing pads! Originale kommen in Chrome, hab meine schwarz spritzen lassen! Thanks Fegbli, Bern!

Double Seat Zoomer

2 seats! Yes it's possible without destroying the Zoomer-Look.
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NightRider Movie

A Zommer Nightride. (watch video by Wiss)
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Parking Fine

Today i got my first parking fine!
In front of my office where i'm parking my zoomer almost everyday since a year.
Damn bored swiss police men with no better plan than annoying working people.
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New Tshirts

12 new Tshirts with Zoomer/Ruckus Logos now available worldwide

Double Seat

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