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Honda Motra
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Und weil sie so schön ist...

...hier nochmal die Honda Motra aus dem Jahr 1982


Found a funny pic about how to take a Honda Motocompo with you.

I have to post that again and again.
You can carry a whole family with the Honda Motra

Getting a MOTRA to Bern

My wish to the universe came true. One of the rare Honda Motra (Japan only from 1982/1983) is mine.
With the great help of Syl and Andy we brought this bike from Germany to Switzerland.
The previous owner (Forester) told me that this Motra was specially imported by the German POST for an advertising campaign, then sold to a local Motorbike dealer where he bought it. Finally after not using it a lot he put it on Ebay for my winning bid.
More pictures and infos follows
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MOTRA sales flyer (JP 1982)

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Picnic with Nara, Umi & Motra


Motra & Zoomer Gallery

New Gallery with pictures from MOTRA together with Zoomer added.
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Motra Parts-Catalogue

The Motra Parts Catalogue found at
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Motra on the beach


Restoring a Motra Bromfiets

Restoring a Motra Bromfiets and going wild