Leather skinned Battery Box

Our friends from Tokyo Parts just posted this leather skinned Zoomer Battery Box on their instagram feed. The perfect outfit for a coach potatoe zoomer.


Ein neues deutsches Zoomer Forum

Christian Berberich hat kürzlich ein neues, deutschsprachiges Zoomer Forum auf die Beine gestellt: Schaut rein und tauscht euch aus.


Fully Packed

Rainer Guttmann`s Vespa PX militare. Found on Bassmen Tumblr via Vespa Lambretta Forum


Yamaha VOX Guitar Amplifier

Limited Edition, spotted by Frankie at Tokyo Korg Headquarters

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Four Headlights Zoomer

Spotted in Naha, Okinawa, Japan

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Japan Bike spotting 2013

Nothing outstanding new, some classics

Stock Zoomer in Beige

Honda PS250 in Beige

Simple and classic Honda XL230

Exciting new Panasonic Mini E-Bike Panasonic e-bike BE-ENZ032

Stock Zoomer with red saddle

Yamaha VOX in Yellow

Suzuki Street Magic

Rented this bike at a Rent a Bike shop in Okinawa. What a great ride!

Honda PS250 in black

Honda Squash


Yellow Submarine

Photo found in the Instagram feed of @rucksters_customs


Zoo Mini

Photo found in the Instagram feed of @rucksters_customs


Steampunk Bike


Vintage Class

Allegro Brooklyn TT

Douglas Dirt Track Speedway

Scott PY10